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  1. Well I tried the aux on the back of the amplify to the pod HD400 1/8 stereo to a stereo Y split adapter into the L and R outputs of the HD400. I found the sound alright at low volume but distorted the more you turned it up, I found plugging into the guitar input of the amp and setting the amp through the amplify on the computer device you have to no amp with no effects on, then save to your favorite tone on bank 1 so that amp every time you turn the amp on it will recall to that setting and all you have to do is run it to your POD HD L output set on amp on switch and set volume to taste and enjoy.
  2. Hi everyone I like all the inputs on this topic, I currently am running my Pod HD 400 into my Amplify 150 via 1/4 with the amp setting on the amplify set to no amp, using the pod as the amp and all effects and so far have been happy with the sound I am getting. I recently have run a split into 2 amps from the pods L and R outputs using the amplify 150 and a Tube amp set clean and both amps balanced in volume, then using the pod as the main volume, setting each bank on the pod to taste, anyway I"m having fun with the amplify and the pod.I am going to try the aux of the amplify to see what the sound difference is.Will post later if I can.
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