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  1. Rickbendel

    Extra Speaker Cab for DT50

    Okay, I misunderstood where it said only ONE, and didn't realize it meant A, B, or C. Thank you so much, now to figure out what what the ohm rating is on my Genz cab. Wish I knew more about this stuff...old dog new tricks scenario here. Thanks again.
  2. Rickbendel

    Extra Speaker Cab for DT50

    Was wanting to place an additional speaker on the other side of the stage at the request of my 2nd guitarist. The back of the DT50 doesn't have, from what I can tell, anywhere to do this. It's a DT50 Combo. I used to have a full stack (other brand) and split the two cabs up and it was perfect. I love my DT50 (Full Dream Rig Setup) but i'm completely lost here on how to send out a 2nd cab. There is the ohm section, but it says in bold not to plug in more than ONE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rick
  3. Rickbendel

    Show Us Your Dream Rig.

    JTV 89f - Variax Cable to - POD HD500 to - DT50
  4. I also have the Volume knob issue...the knob has to be almost completely rolled off before it has any volume reduction. I'm talking like the very last little bit of the knob. This is my first time here at support so i'm not sure how to go about getting help, but I need this fixed so the knob is "fully" functional and even a bump will ultimately lower the volume of my guitar. I also tried to get variax workbench 1.9 download so I can roll back and hopefully get back the original Telecaster models but the software does not show up on my computer. Can someone direct link that download for me and maybe a short explanation of how to rollback the flash? Thank you all, Rick Bendel Havoc