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  1. Would be great if Line6 could release the protocol spec or open source the code for the Firehawk FX remote if the support is really dead. Community could FIX THE CRASH BUG WITH VARIAX CONTROLS on iOS or even build a PC / MAC controller application for this device.
  2. I cannot get the wrench to go any further, i can see it's in the hole. It's definitely not tight. Here's some pics of the official wrench in the hole https://imgur.com/a/cvpTBIv Also a longer video clip. I'm finding it really difficult to believe i'm doing this wrong. The wrench goes in the hole effortlessly and has a LOT of travel, but it doesn't rotate fully because the hex angles hit the walls of the nut. In any case i don't think this is how it's supposed to be.
  3. This isn't the first time I'm doing guitar maintenance. I can surely tell when the wrench is in place and when it is not. On my other 4 guitars the wrench is a perfect fit. This is the first guitar I've owned where i don't feel like adjusting the truss because I cannot find a tool to match the nut. I don't want to cause damage to my instrument or my tools.
  4. i've tried several including the one that comes with the guitar and measured them all using a caliper to make sure they're 4mm. I'll open a support ticket for line6, maybe my guitar is defective then...
  5. https://imgur.com/a/WBCpNVu link to a clip that shows how much travel the 4mm wrench has in the truss
  6. Thanks, but the 4mm wrench is not a snug fit, it is a bit loose. Generally you should use a wrench that fits the nut perfectly. Is it "normal" that the 4mm wrench doesn't quite match the nut (has considerable wobble)?
  7. what's supposed to be the correct size of the truss rod adjustment wrench on the Shuriken SR270, the 4mm one that came with the guitar feels a bit loose and 4.5mm is too much (doesn't fit). I also have an inch-set but i couldn't find a proper one from those either?
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