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  1. Well, I will try this in the next comming days, then.. And, in this configuration, should I expect ZERO latency like as if I was playing in the cabinet with direct output?
  2. Thanks for the answer! This would make me able to listen to a playback while recording?
  3. Hi guys, I'm sorry if this seems an old topic but I have this problem since long time, nowhere I found a solution after browsing for weeks I gave up. Tutorials, links, youtube... nowhere answers it. I want somehow to record my guitar while I monitor what I listen from the recording software, and I don't want to monitor via headphones, but via audio monitors. I tried plugging my X3 into USB to record, but here is what happens: - When I record (record audio signal is ON) I don't listen to my guitar; - When I listen to my guitar, I just can't record it (record audio signal is OFF); - When I listen to the guitar, there appears a monster latency, surely bigger than 500ms (impossible to play, record or anything). I got sick trying to fix and set ASIO drivers, many different audio recording demo softwares, but I simply couldn't make it to run in a reasonable way. I just hate the idea of not being able to make what I need. My system got digital audio from its motherboard (ASUS P6T Deluxe V2), and the audio is carried via spdif cable from MoBo to the VGA, and then, the HDMI cable carries the audio output until the video monitor. I also tried to use the direct output from X3 with an analogue cable until Line-In jacket in the rear panel from th PC, but the problem of Latency remains. Also couldn't record and listen to what I was playing. This also made me double listen to the guitar with delay, creating a huge reverb in the end, both really frustrating experiences. I made so many tries, got crazy with turning this and that off, putting this buffer on or turning off that audio option to avoid monitoring what I don't need. Is there any solution for this? Would I need an Audio Interface? I am very grateful if anybody could help me! Thank you very much, Kind Regards! Rene
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