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About Me

Corporate creative director for rich interactive multimedia, video and web. Studio music production in Chicago, Toronto, Austin and Nairobi. Composer & producer of music for documentary videos and interactive. Years as gigging musician, with occasional gigs today.

Closest brush with fame: SRV loaned me No. 1 for half an hour back in 1976 (strung with .013's - I could barely bend a note).

Greatest frustration: hired as local warm-up act for a coliseum show supporting a major touring band but the bassist and drummer panicked the night before and cancelled.

Favorite high: when the egos are set aside, everyone is playing at their best, the audience is totally into it, and when it stops being about a band and an audience and becomes a shared experience that elevates the spirits of everyone involved – and later, when you make it home at 3 a.m., you have put everything away and you pause to listen to the crickets and the breeze through the trees, and then you hit the sack knowing that all is right with the world.

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