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  1. I know i'm a bit late here but, i had a similar situation. I got a ux1 interface a while back and i had great results with it. I programmed loads of patches in Gearbox for my Gretsch's. I created some great twang sounds mainly using the cs1 treble compressor, Fender blackface, and a second compressor, and a bit of tube delay/spring reverb. I then went and bought a Pod HD bean thinking i could program the same sound into it for portability. Bad idea! i spent months messing about with the HD, but i never created the great tones i loved. There is something not quite right about the interaction of the fx in the pod HD imo. I then borrowed a pod x3 off a mate and tried that. The pod x3 was very close, but sounded 'brighter' and a bit tinnier, maybe a bit too polished. I'm now on the hunt for a pod xt, maybe that'll get me what i'm after. All the best with your search.
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