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  1. Hi My Line 6 Valve Spider MKII 112 is extremely touchy with the volume between No.1-2 on the Master is incredibly loud. I have recently joined the church worship team and I cannot bring the volume down enough during the practice sessions. I almost at maximum volume on No.2? I have been playing for 40 yrs and all the valve amps I have own have a progressive (linear) volume. However I do like the tones and convenience effects accessible via the of FBV MKII. Is there a solution? I have read a lot of forums and Line 6 don’t appear to have a solution other than turn down every channel volume settings on every patch. I cannot accept this is a viable solution because the Factory Settings are “blasting†at no.2 and tweaking between No.1 & 2 is so touchy. You are either in-audible or blasting without a sweat spot range. It is son frustrating. Can you please help. I am sure Line ^ must have some permanent fix by now. Regards Lucien Loriente
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