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  1. re: musicdevil I just wanted to try the new windows. I didnt thought about problems that might come with it. Previously i was working with audacity on windows 8,1 - everything was working fine so i didnt see that one coming :( re: metallicalex try to update everything via monkey 1,71 (latest, if i remember number correctly) and switch to dvd quality. after all of that the device should play most sounds correctly but you still wont be able too record by audacity or simmilar programs. maybe in few days we will receive some working solution from line6 team? I hope for it! :)
  2. hello from Poland, i run trough all the pages, tried every solution in here. None of them work unfortunnetaly. althought my problem is stricly in audacity. After updating everything (pod farm 2, ux1, monkey) and change the settings to dvd quality, the pod farm2 is working - playing music and windows sounds. Audacity however give me the same error every time i try to launch it: internal portaudio error. installing version 2.0.2 didnt work. i was hoping to find some answers on the last page here... but i guess we all have to wait for it :P extremily sorry for my english. cheers!
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