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  1. I have a Matrix FR10: https://usa.matrixamplification.com/speakers/fr10.html At the time, it was the cheapest / lightest option I could dig up! I can carry a guitar in case, the FR10 (with one finger) and helix in a bag over my shoulder in one trip. Its awesome. Sometimes I wish I went for the 12 for a little more headroom/perceived volume, but it can hang in a practice space with drums no problem in my experience. It went into protect on me ONCE when things got too toasty - so if its a hot summer night I point a fan at it and no issue since. Despite that, I did have the power module replaced once under warranty, with no issues or complaints in the process. Great customer service. Long story short: I can endorse it strongly for the sound - but with all of the options available now - I'm not sure it would be my pick if I was buying new for whatever thats worth! Absolute valid and something I should have mentioned as well. I find the sweet spot is between 10k and 13.5k for a low pass... I think it sounds horrific cutting as agressively as MANY people claim you MUST do to get that classic cab sound. I probably SHOULD revisit letting even more highs get by to spot check my own assumptions to date :) I believe you're absolutely right that a lot of this is just predicated on tradition. Its kind of like the classic cars thing... some people consider it heresy to strap EFI onto a carbureted car. Others say its worth all the improvements in economy and performance and reliability. You can argue both ways...it ruins the classic car, or if the engineers had the capability back then, they'd certainly have done it from the factory. It's a big old YMMV discussion in the end...but I do believe its generally more reasonable to frame it as a preference rather than fact as often happens. Hope I'm making sense at the end of this all? haha
  2. I read time and time again that "FRFR wont get amp in the room sound" - but I'm just not sure I agree. Maybe its my particular "FRFR" - but I've found that I can get close enough for my purposes. I see it as needing 3 main things if you want FRFR to feel "amp in the room": Volume. I would guess most people associate "amp in the room" with "loud". Specifically meaning, 5" Studio monitors on stands simply wont recreate the effect like a guitar cab (or FRFR) on the ground moving air. Good cab IR that matches whatever you're "expecting" There are a million companies making them now. Take your pick Personally, I use a single Orange IR from OwnHammer on almost EVERYTHING now...just because thats the cab I was most "used to" You can probably do just fine with the built in Cab blocks - I just have no interest in exploring since I found a set of IRs I'm very happy with. EQ accordingly. That is, Parallel EQ with what feels like an agressive high pass and low pass The IR does a lot of work here - but its still my experience that an FRFR will be a little "boomier" low, and still project WAY more high frequencies. Anything from a high pass up to 130hz and low pass as low as 4k or as high as 14k. Maybe use the P-EQ to scoop a little 4-6k? Of course, this is all done with the intent of emulating an "amp in the room". I have little idea how it would work if I ran this exact patch FOH, but I don't think it would be disastrous by any stretch. (After all, at worst its an unmic'd cab sound?). I'm able to make myself happy and shake the walls just the same as I used to with amp and cabs... only with the added perk of being able to play at talking volume and still enjoy the experience. (I never liked my analog / tube stuff quiet). I don't miss having an analog amp and cab anymore. Occasionally I'll think "that would be fun!" - but quickly realize I wont use it much, or it would be a passing novelty I end up selling again eventually anyway. I already made the change once when I got the Helix.
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