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    2.82 Update

    Hi all Having a problem updating my brand new HX Stomp from 2.81 to 2.82. I've been using HX Edit 2.82 since opening the box. HX Edit is not open while I use the Updater. I'm on MacOS 10.15.1 (Catalina). Update to 2.81 went fine yesterday, as expected. I assumed I'd need to install both firmware updates since both were listed on the updater. Update to 2.82 repeatedly fails with an error about the unit failing to reset after entering DFU mode. I've already done the pedals 2 & 3 preset update thing and have tried all of the following: Powered off and on as suggested by Updater. No change. Disconnected and reconnected USB cable as prompted by Updater. Just prompts quicker fail. Entered DFU mode (Stomp appears in devices list with 'unknown firmware' but nothing appears on screen): Update immediately fails Uninstalled and reinstalled HX Edit (and Line6 Updater), rebooting between. Exactly the same problems. The latest attempt has resulted in a perpetually spinning progress indicator. Apparently it's been "Installing Firmware Update..." for ten minutes now and I should still not turn off or unplug etc. Has anybody else had this issue? Does anybody have any suggestion about how I might resolve it please? The HX Stomp was a speculative purchase to replace my broken M9 for overseas touring. I'd considered a micro board of analog pedals and thought I'd give this a go instead. Kinda wishing I hadn't now. Might have to go back to the shop if I can't sort it this week. Gig in Berlin next Friday.. EDIT: Resolved by downloading the update manually and applying it as a local file. Guessing the issue was either a connectivity problem between web and app or a content restriction issue (the update page flagged as an adult website on my Mac, inexplicably). MODS: Please feel free to delete this post or leave it here for others to benefit from - your call!
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