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  1. As stated I check my calipers on a new set of strings also ..so calip. were spot on.....that's why I wondered if they sent me a returned one, not new...
  2. I may at some point try a wound 3rd.(may at some point try (if needed) flat wounds and / or half rounds..I went ahead and put on a lighter gauge string for my first string set replacement experiment.......may have to try a few diff. sets before I find what works best for me.....I went really low this first time- I really like EB slinky cobalts (have them on my Dano 59 and they have done me well, but who knows what will work on this Variax...These cobalts are light 9-46, mine came with 10-48s tho I think I read 10-46 are what comes on it from factory (I dont know this just what Ive read....) no idea why mine had 10-48s on it.....Well back to finishing up my 9-46 setup....lol
  3. I just checked my Variax Std. it has 10-48, using a electronic digital caliper......the string on it are the ones that came on it. I double check a new set of string to make sure my caliper was calibrated and it was. wonder if somewhere the strings were changed, it was suppose to be a "new" guitar.
  4. I'll probably be testing out a few gauges and brands, I'm putting on some D'Addario Pure Nickel EPN115's 11-48 soon and see if that helps with the acoustic models, if not I'll try a set of 9.5-44 D'Ad.I may have to try the flat wounds or half rounds. ..I find it odd that my Banjo/sitar reso etc models sound fine to me even with some fret buzz....
  5. I have made a few posts on other threads regarding the acoustic models and my issues with them..so I started from scratch and started taking into account my limitations, meaning hearing loss in the high range and a repaired left arm Bicep tendon ..Which makes it necessary for me to have low action and light strings in order to play with the least pain, So when I recieved my V.S. the action was good enough, I'd like lower but was worried about fret buzz , now it is very hard to impossible for me to hear this buzz unless amplified...At first playing I did not hear any buzz and all sounded fine except the acoustic and some reso models......so i ended up having a friend come over to tell me if he could hear any fret buzz (un amped) I felt silly when he said , " you can't hear that?, I couldn't anyway with his help we adj the action at the bridge/saddle till the buzz stopped at moderate pick attack (I play repetitively light) just to add the neck relief is spot on, right out of the box, so no messing with that for now at least. After us raising the action at the saddle I played the acoustic models and they sounded a lot better, I wish thy sounded better but understand they will never (to me) sound as good as a real acoustic. these will do with a little external help. Now my problem is the action is to high (for me, I'd venture to guess it might be fine for many other players) very painful to play for long..let me also add that the nut slots are a tad bit high and could be lowered but I would have to take it to a setup professional...I use to do this when needed on guitars I have owned but at my age and shakiness I dare not attempt that. I am now satisfied that there is nothing wrong with the "internals" "electronics" of my Variax S. such a relief!......but I still have to decide what to do about the action and buzz, I set it to where I'm comfortable with playing the acoustic settings are useless (it does not take much buzz to ruin those models), and a little buzz does not destroy the other models. I can always run at a livable lower action and go thru my Zoom A3 which does an excellent job along with the Variax sense I will mainly be using it for recording......when I play out it will now be the Variax and one acoustic. not several electric guitars and/or pedals. I plan on upping the string gauge slightly to see if that will help with buzz at a lower action...If I understand correctly the string gauges on the Variax are .010, .013, .017, .025, .034, .046 let me know if that's incorrect, I'm not sure what to try first a lighter gauge string and raise the action (and re setup guitar) or slightly heavier gauge strings and hopefully lower action? Well that's my Variax Standard story so far, just writing this post helped me relax! Mike
  6. I'm new to the Variax scene just got a standard and having troubles with the acoustic and reso models at first I thought it was the actual modeling because I could not hear the buzzing when played on the electric models, and I could not hear string to fret buzzing when not amplified...had to have a friend come over to listen for me sense I do have hearing loss (8 years as a jet engine mech) He told me that the only strings that were "not" buzzing on the frets was the small e string and the rest were buzzing/rattling. as it is now the action is just right for me and when I raise the saddle on the buzzing strings it will make playing more difficult for me, I have had a repair on a detached bicep tendon that makes it painful to play a high action. I'm hoping to go to lower gauge strings and then raising the action if needed to stop the buzzing...I naturally use a med light pick. I sure hope that works for me as I need the acoustic and reso models to sound as natural as possible.
  7. I'm a new owner of a Variax Standard, and after about an hour of first use and had just made it to the acoustic setting I noticed it did not sound like an acoustic (maybe like an acoustic going thru a distortion pedal) then I started getting blue flashing lights coming from both Guitar and Tuning controllers.I shut everything down for a while and tried it again I played for about 20 min on the acoustic setting and all was fine, but yesterday it happen'd again on an extended practice session....I was going thru a very cheap "fake" acoustic amp, I'll be be hooking it up to my Headrush amp later and report back... Just finished up 2 hours + for playing my Variax Std. thru my HeadRush FRFR 12....I did not get any of that distortion I mentioned above but the acoustic sound is not what I wanted...does not seem to have "any "Body" sound more like a cheap piezo only sound......was expecting a lot more running thru my FRFR. so very disappointed on the acoustic sounds to say the least. I will be doing a test with the acoustic settings going thru my Zoom A3 acoustic pedal to my Headrush and see what that sounds like...Will also be running the Acoustic patches thru a plain P.A. system to. I will say, I love the electric guitar emulations, very impressed on that front.....and also most of the reso patches, good on those mostly , the Dobro is a little lack luster, also seems to be missing much of the "Body" sound, but is livable with added reverb. Banjo, is scarily good, at least compared to my inexpensive Johnson Banjo, which I think sounds fine......Sitar is very good...
  8. After about an hour of playing and on the acoustic for the first time I noticed it sounded distorted and so I switched back and forth between the Guitar selections and pressed the guitar knob and it along with the Alt. Tuning knob started flashing blue..Turned everything off and unplugged for an hour, went back to playing and all seems to be working fine now, I'll give it a longer play thru later today to see if I it happens again....but what does the flashing blue lights mean.......(note: battery shows fully charged, guitar in tune) Thanks ,Mike
  9. Stevekc ' - how long should it take to get a confirmation email for reg. at the Patch exchange
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