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  1. stuwend


    Hi All just wondering if I can get the vdi cable input part as mine has a blown resistor in there and won’t power up as pic. Could a electronics store fix this or is it more a specialised area. I know that full compass has these as the last pic however don’t ship over seas or is there another store who will ship overseas. Any help would be great and to ship overseas as I’m in New Zealand Thanks Stu
  2. Thanks Team appreciate all your input will re think in regards to the wireless and just use wired headphones and put up with the wires lol. Once again its been great advice, Thanks
  3. Hi If this is for monitoring FRFR for the helix what about FOH, would this sound/tone change if the FOH is different to the monitor FRFR or just take a feed of the monitor. Just interested as there is sometimes a bit of difference between the monitor if you use a FRFR monitor and FOH sound and if you have a great monitor sound how to replicate that to FOH if the speakers are not FRFR like mine.
  4. Thanks for that, so what would be the best option for wireless headphone for monitoring. Why is there lag in bluetooth transmitter with only the helix is there or do I need a specific transmitter when its all coming from the same output as I thought that would work as an option as you would be listening to a mix like on a CD. Just trying to understand the technical theory in why bluetooth won't work so I can move forward, in trying something else as this wasn't known in my research as I've purchased a couple of bluetooth transmitters, my understanding is that this would of worked, anyhow any advice to getting me there would be great and thanks again its hard getting advice sometime where I am lol. Thanks Team!!
  5. Just wondering why there is a delay/lag when I use my beats bluetooth wireless headphones paired to a bluetooth transmitter, from helix with variax, so this is how it's connected. 1- Straight Out of the helix phone jack into bluetooth transmitter which is paired to my beats headphones solo3- I hear a delay/lag when playing. Variax into vdi input 2- Straight Out of the headphones jack of my mixer which my helix and music/backings are plugged into then from headphones jack into bluetooth transmitter to paired headphones and making sure it's not the bluetooth, my backings is in time the I play a long with my guitar/variax through helix there is a delay or lag. So if anyone can help me out would be great, like I said its just the helix that has the delay as I use wired headphones for live gigs as my monitors and that works for me great and trying to get wireless ones set up and have had lag issues with the helix. Has anyone else had this. Thanks team
  6. Hi guys thanks for that its just that I see and hear all the youtube clips and all they are doing is that straight from the box and yes the prx are great speakers as I have the 15inch for front house and the 12inch for my monitor and the do respond differently but will try and eq them as I have to just to sell my DT50 and 2x12 cab to pay for the helix and cut down gear so I'll have to make it work
  7. Just got my new helix today and plugged it into my jbl prx712 to check out if I can use it through that instead of carting an amp anyhow the jbl sounds awful like accentuating fizzy and those high mids just like my HD500 did i thought it was better and I'm going out of the xlr out into jbl so any help out there would be great I thought it was meant for direct into a P.A so help whats going on or is it better going through a guitar amp??
  8. Hi all tried to build my own patch and had on stack power amp as I run my dt50 through 1/2 stack using pre amps,anyhow just had a plexi amp and the default settings and added a comp,reverb and delay and still sounds fizzy and hollow what I'm I doing wrong.studio/direct still sounds the best apart from the boomyness so what else can I do to make my guitar sound good. Any help will be appreciate.
  9. Thanks for all input.Could someone post up some patch settings that they use a clean,rhythm and lead patch so I can see what settings are being used.Thanks
  10. So just wondering why combo or powerstack output modes on hd500 via l6 link to dt50/25 is the thing to do and turning off cab modelling.To my ears that all sounds thin and fizzy can someone explain why and how or do a youtube clip in how to get a good tone and show step by step to creating a great clean and rock/high gain tone patch and go through different scenarios how to get that tone.Just wanting to get the most out of my hd500 and dt50 .I do pre amp models with cab on in studio/direct mode and when switch to the other mentioned modes doesn't sound any good,have created and used others created patches that have sounded good in my room but when gigging they all sound different and sometimes horrible and when on studio/direct mode my 4x12 cab is really boomy and have to back off and sometimes zero'd the basses.And does active or passive pickups matter to the tone.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have hd500 with L6 link to my dt50amp head thruogh a marshall cab, the majority say that the output mode should be whatever your live sound is running as in power/stack combo anyhow does anyone else find these setting thin and fizzy cause I do then select studio/direct mode and wow the tone is fatter and exactly what I'm hearing in my head so I did try the other modes for months eq'ing and compressing etc with nothing close to studio/direct mode and all I do to that is a wee eq and hello thats the tone so the other modes tones sound like I said thin and fizzy and I use studio/direct when gigging and find it great to my ear,anyone else find this.
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