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  1. It's not a hardware issue! I had the same issue but the latest firmware was already installed in my POD HD500. Using the L6 Link to my DT50 everything was fine for a few months and then right before the second set I heard a digital popping on tempo sound. Looked down at my tap tempo and it was in sync with the sound. Then nothing, I had no sound. But I can plug directly into the amp and all is well. This is a software glitch X10 and We need a hot fix.
  2. I hope someone responds to this issue. I just picked up a DT50 and paired it with my Pod HD500. It was heaven for about 2 months. Right before the last set I heard a digital intermittent pop. I looked at my tap tempo light and the pop was happening while in the middle of tempo while the light was on. That last sentence can be confusing. LOL. Anyway it hasn't worked since. I've backed off old versions of the hd500 firmware and nothing. I'm using an AES/EBU cable. It just stopped working. It will switch topology's. But pedal doesn't respond when I adjust a few knobs nor do I have sound.
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