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  1. I had this problem from time to time. I just unplugged and plugged the USB cable a few times (or more) until it recognized the guitar. It's very finicky! Sometimes it works first time, other times it's a PITA. Good Luck!
  2. I would like Line6 to keep working on the update procedure. Getting 2.0 loaded on my 89 took hours and hours over the course of a couple of weeks. I love the new software, but what a pain to download.
  3. I noticed there was an update on Monkey to 1.65, so I downloaded it and tried to flash to 2.0. I don't know if it was the new Monkey, but it worked this time. The new modeling is great, and you can put me down as one who likes the new strat sounds!
  4. I tried for 3 days with no luck. Since the guitar plays well with 1.9, I'm afraid to mess with it any longer. I don't want to render it unusable. I would like to try out the new models and workbench, but I'm stalled out right now. If you have any luck with it let me know please.
  5. I tried 2 other cat-5 cables today, same result. The computer sees the Variax interface, the interface sees the guitar, but the computer doesn't see the guitar. Odd.
  6. That's the way I did it the last time, but it just refuses to see the 89. If I unplug the guitar from the interface, the light goes red plug back in green, but no change in Monkey. Guess I'll get ahold of Line 6. The guitar works perfectly in 1.9, so it might be a problem with that USB box. Thanks for the help, I might try again tomorrow.
  7. I have an 89 with 1.9 loaded. When I plug into the workbench widget and plug into the computer both green lights are on. Everything worked when I uploaded 1.9 but now Monkey only sees the USB device and not the guitar. All software shows up to date, but no option to flash to 2.0. I downloaded the flash but when I open it, no option to flash. I think it sees the interface but not the guitar. I've tried unplugging the 1/4 inch cable, the USB, different ports. I just didn't have this trouble before. Any advice?
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