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  1. paul32

    Spider V Remote no internet access detected

    Just a follow up. I took the time, and just updated to Windows 10, and everything works great now.
  2. paul32

    Spider V Remote no internet access detected

    Same issue here running on Windows 7. Someone post if they have solution? Updated Windows fully and tried reinstalling the remote. Still no luck.
  3. paul32

    Sorting Tones

    Or is there a list of best tones available somewhere (link)? Or list of best tone creators to search for? Or if you're reading this, maybe post few of your favorites? Thanks
  4. paul32

    Sorting Tones

    Is there a way to sort the tones? For example, I'd like to sort tones by Star Rating so I can try all the 5 star tones. Or, sort by date created, to see whats new.