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  1. gjorgy1

    Custom Tones

    "I have the preset on www.helix.com" ??? ​Never mind I now see the link to the Helixdepot.
  2. gjorgy1

    Custom Tones

    Okay I tried that with the first one named Almost Surfy and it didn't have anything loaded into the signal paths. So then I tried it with Cruch204 and it worked. Edit: now Almost Surfy works not sure what changed.
  3. gjorgy1

    Custom Tones

    So I downloaded 3 new Custom Tones from the Lne 6 website here: http://line6.com/customtone/browse/helix/ When I look at the format extension for the files I downloaded it is *.l6t but the Helix only accepts *.hlx formatted files. Is there something wrong here because the Helix software does not recognize *.l6t files.
  4. Your order has shipped! Hi G, Your order xxxxxxx shipped 10/6/15 via FedEx Ground (Home). My rep from SW called me about 11:30 am CST this morning and said my Helix was in the warehouse and should be at my house by Thursday!
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