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  1. I have been a long time Helix Floor/Edit user. Naturally when I went looking for the just the right plug in for my DAW I chose Helix Native and have been extremely happy with it. I have created some very cool patches in Native for recordings and would love to get them onto my floor unit without starting from scratch. Is there an easy want to copy patches from Helix Native to the Helix Edit software?
  2. I am a new Helix owner (love this thing!) and i am trying to create a foot switchable A/B. I want to lay down rhythm loops through one amp model and then switch outputs so I can play my leads through a different amp using only an effects chain with no amp modeling. Anyone know how to do this?
  3. Recently purchased a 500HDX because my old 500HD started having issues with the volume pedal control. Now with my new 500HDX installed I am having different volume issues? Basically anytime I program the expression pedal to control a perimeter that perimeter freezes up in one position? It isn't mechanical because I see the same issue with my Mission expression pedal as I do on the POD? It can't be a damaged POD because as previously stated I had similar issues with the expression pedal on my old POD. I suspected a corrupted firmware download but I have reinstalled firmware several times. Even rebooted back to factory settings with no success.
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