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  1. On brand new Amplifi 75 ios remote app didnt work until I upgraded the amp firmware, but now, when I try to play along with music from library or youtube etc, the bluetooth disconnects & have to close app, restart bluetooth in settings.....surely this amp totally was designed & relies on the remote app & bluetooth! This needs to be sorted asap, otherwise its useless.
  2. Must admit, its all I can find.....not having printed full manual in box is one thing, but usually there would be something comprehensive online?
  3. Is there an online manual available?......not the 8 page pilots guide, surely something this complex must have in depth manual ....
  4. Yes, thanks for that, all ok now apart from the blustooth dropout.....
  5. Hi, apologies if im being thick, but ios app from ipad wont control new Amplifi 75....read about ios 9.00 but has this been sorted?...Kev
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