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  1. Hi there dear gear wizards!! i have problem with the POD hd 500 when im trying to hook it up with 4 cable method to all tube amp head + 4x12 cab. I have a engl invader 150 and blackstar series one 104 heads. I want to use my tube amb sounds and just get chorus , reverbs , delays ,wah etc from the POD but when i hook up the 4 cable method and select the right input ( stack pwr amp ) + FX loop block from the pod my amps own distortion gets muffled and half of the tone goes missing. i want to keep tube amps own sounds and just color the tone with pod. I dont want to use any cab , amp , pre-amp models from the pod . please help. i want keep using my POD hd 500 wich is really great tool at home and straight to the PA -system aswell. Thanks Jani Puusa jani.puusa@gmail.com
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