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  1. 32, and I've been using Line 6 stuff since 2000-ish (first purchase was a POD 2.0). Bought an HD500 in 2012 after the band I was in decided to go direct for a number of reasons, the biggest being the other guitarist got tired of hauling all the gear in his van (couldn't blame him). I missed my amp (Roccaforte Jenelle), but I sure as hell didn't miss having to wait until 3:00 AM to be able to load out (due to the club not having a rear exit). Was eventually able to dial my patches in to where I wasn't missing my amp that much. Now that I'm no longer gigging I use my HD500 exclusively for practice and recording.
  2. They do pretty much have them all, but there are a few more I'd like to see done in HD: Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee w/Marshall 4x12 w/Vintage 30's Mesa/Boogie MK IIC+ Fender Super Reverb Demeter TGA-3
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