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  1. Just remember that using 1 1/4 sums the signal to mono and XLR does not.
  2. I would say if you put your effects after a preamp amp, then add fx loop block after the effects and output from the loop to an external poweramp you could achieve this.
  3. I think you are on the money here. Whilst the gui does not display it this way it makes sense that putting the fx after the amp block is emulating it being after the preamp. I'm pretty sure it's not modelling what happens with fx if you somehow place them after a mic'd cab.... Also by my ears reverb and delay sound like they are in the fx loop of a real amp.
  4. I do it with 1 full amp and cab sim on the left path panned left and one pre amp model on the right path panned to the right (if you are using a whole amp make sure the right path is clean). With the outputs I just have the left xlr going to the PA, and the right path from the right 1/4 inch going to a poweramp/amp. Remember that the 1/4 outputs sum to mono so you have a dummy patch lead in the left 1/4 output. As far as modes I leave it as studio/direct and eq the right path.
  5. For live use, I create the patches at the volume they are likley to be at when performing. It's annoying to be at the rehearsal space creating them loud but it works like a charm.
  6. No problem, I went straight for the ehx as I wanted an all in 1 pedal board for touring so it needed to be as compact and lightweight as possible.
  7. I have an ehx 44 and they are plenty loud. The trick is to rely on the pod to push the preamp volume (make sure you are on line level not amp) so you don't need to crank the ehx to where it starts to break up. I have never needed to go over 11o clock on a clean patch and it's really loud. That's pushing a 16ohm quad btw.
  8. Some advice as I use a hd500x live to a desk. Firstly test it out in the rehearsal space if possible just to make sure you cut through the mix in a live situation against the gear the rest of your band is using. Another thing (I do this) is set up dual amps. One is (L) to the desk with the full amp, the other ® is the preamp version into a poweramp pedal (ehx 44 magnum) then to a quad box on stage. This is just used as my own monitor and not mic'd. Can't always trust you will have a decent foldback. I don't bring a quad box but if there is one on stage, it's some extra insurance :-)
  9. cdkane

    Amp Pre

    Generally when you have something external acting as a poweramp. I use the pre models into an ehx magnum 44 and it works well.
  10. 32 here. Got a Hd500x for touring. Was tired of working with whatever gear we could get our hands on and wanted consistent tone and total control of my rig when on the road.
  11. Just wondering, now that the POD HD can accept model packs is it likely we may see more in future or will this 3 be it?
  12. Try a tube comp after the amp, seemed to smooth it all out for me and get rid of the fizz.
  13. The technical side of things went fine for me, spent a lot of time with the 5150 today and I reckon they nailed it. However, for some reason it placed 3 orders for the Hd pack and i have been charged twice.. Guess i need to get a refund somehow. Support ticket I guess. Might be worth checking your bank accounts guys.
  14. cdkane

    Firmware 2.6

    With the 5150 I found lowering the bias to about 25%, upping the res to about 55%, presence at about 3 o clock drive at about 11 o clock did the trick for me. I generally keep the bass and treble at about 2 o clock and mids at about 8 o clock. Cab was a treadplate with a 57 off axis. Sounds legit to me. Going to add the screamer when i next get a chance.
  15. Ha ha no worries every now and then it happens to me when I open a session and have been using Amplitube, sounds like 8 metalzones being played through an answering machine.
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