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  1. Fantastic, rd2rk and waymda! You've both given me a few things to think about. waymda, you read my OP correctly, but I guess I closed the door to your suggestion the way I worded it. I actually don't care if any of this is controlled via stomp or snap... Waymda, So, as I get more familiar with snapshots... It is possible to use a snap (or 3, as you suggested) to ONLY change the tuning of the poly tune, without disrupting the amp and effect settings which I am currently controlling using the existing 4 snaps? If so, then I'm set! rd2rk, you've really opened a can of worms for me, because I've never used MIDI (for some reason it's intimidated me for 30 years, ever since I got a MidiVerb III to add some effects to my JCM 900 and only controlled it via the buttons on the front! :-p ). I may try the trick you suggested... warning heeded about the MIDI Thru setting. Thank you both for your input!!
  2. Hey, gang. I'm sure there is a straightforward solution to what I'm trying to achieve with my Helix... I'm playing in a Classic / 80's rock garage band with basically 4 tones: Clean with some glitz, Crunch, Hair Metal, and Lead with some boost, delay, verb and a little chorus. Easy to do and I'm satisfied with my snaps using a Friedman model and all the "stuff". As we are rehearsing and playing along with the recordings, though, they vary across standard, 1/2 down, and full step down. I've tried to do this with 3 different presets, each with no or different poly pitch settings, and it works fine. I would like it to be even more elegant, however, and only use a stomp for the pitch shift, and have the snaps control the 4 tones. I can't have more than one poly pitch in series (to add 1/2 step down blocks in series) due to memory issues... just wondering if anyone else has solved this. FWIW, playing direct out to a board and PA, varying brands and it all sounds fine. We are a ways away from re-honing our chops from 20 years ago and playing live, but we are going for it! Cheers, Kevan
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