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  1. I've come to the solution that there are a lot of problems on both ends not just Line 6's I couldn't even get mp3's to work, I gave up, went back to Windows 8.1 had a weird wifi problem for a while, everything works fine as it was. I'll check out Windows 10 in 6-12 months or the next time I replace my machine altogether, but even then that has me a little tense, if these problems are largely ignored and what I use becomes outdated because of an OS change...
  2. That is true, and a very valid point. But I upgraded knowing that I could revert back to Windows 8 if I had any problems. So I will wait a few more days to revert back to Windows 8, I just hope it doesn't ruin the Free upgrade I received from Windows 10. I don't want to spend money on something I got for free because of Line 6. I knew there would be some problems, as there always are with changes like this, so I am not angry or anything, just concerned. But it is a problem I'm hoping will be fixed by Line 6 in the next few days. This causes a lot of concern for future problems, namely, if I need a new machine in the near future and the only OS available is Windows 10 (cuz I don't want an overpriced Mac) and Line 6's equipment does not work, they will be losing a long time customer....
  3. Installed new drivers, restarted, still not working. I'm running Line 6 monkey now to reinstall drivers, but it's failing to launch the installer. I'm not seeing anywhere on the website where Pod Farm 2 is compatible with Windows 10 yet either... On the download page are Mac versions and below them, it's compatible with everything from Windows XP - 8, and not yet for 10. I'll keep checking every day, I hope it's updated soon, I have to work.
  4. I'm trying this now, I'll let you all know if it works.
  5. I'll give them a few days. They may have suspected other sound issues that couldn't be resolved until Windows 10 was released, but It's still something they better solve soon. All it clearly needs is a driver update clearly. I can't listen to Youtube or anything with my UX1 port which I do all the time with Windows 8. Just to bust Line 6's balls a bit, even Minecraft is already compatible with Windows 10 and that game suuuucks.
  6. I've come to the conclusion that the problem is Pod Farm 2/UX1 exclusively. Audacity functions normally just not in conjunction with Pod Farm 2. Please update this software soon. I don't want to go back to Windows 8, please don't screw me out of a free upgrade.
  7. I just updated to Windows 10, I use Pod Farm 2 with a UX1 port, and Audacity to record my stuff with, so far the inputs on Pod Farm 2 work, like I can start up Pod Farm 2 and hear my microphone, hear my guitar, but I can't go to a Youtube channel and listen to music... Also whenever I start up Audacity while Pod Farm 2 is loaded, it will cause Audacity to stop functioning. Audacity will say: Couldn't find any audio devices. You will not be able to play or record audio. Error: internal portaudio error... If I use Audacity without Pod Farm 2 loaded it will load and work fine, but I wont be able to use my equipment, just the laptop's internal mic works. If I load Pod Farm 2 with Audacity already loaded up, Audacity crashes and produces the error message above. I never had a problem with this before I upgraded to Windows 10 last night, I had recorded several songs in the past few days on this laptop with everything working great. So I know it's probably a driver issue. Is there a solution for this currently? Or do I have to wait for an update? Not a big deal, I love this software, it is amazing. Just anxious to keep working... www.youtube.com/griftingnightmares
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