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  1. Hopk1ns

    HD500 - Mixer pan assignment?

    Ah, thanks, that works a treat! I can also just set both to pan hard one direction and then toggle them on and off with the same foot switch. Cheers!
  2. Hopk1ns

    HD500 - Mixer pan assignment?

    Is there any way to trigger mixer changes via a footswitch? For example, I may want to toggle between channels A and B being panned hard left/right and both being centred without changing patches. (The only problem with changing patches are the audio glitches, otherwise that would be fine!)
  3. Hopk1ns

    Bluetooth music library stream cutting out

    Thanks for the hint. I have a Samsung S7 and suffered the audio playback glitches. Disabling WiFi does the job for me, but since it's a phone I get the internet connection through the mobile network - which is useful because YouTube is a great source for backing tracks.