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  1. I bought a shortboard MK II and it works nice I can go through the banks now and turn off the individual effects. I am using an AKG C3000 condensor mic in the sweet spot to get all of the effects. I have tried 3 sm 57's that works good. For live use the single AKG seems perfect.
  2. When I chose a tone with the bluetooth app in a different bank from the first bank then use the FBV Mk II it always switches back to the first bank not the bank I'm using.
  3. Thanks Nick I'll give that a try.
  4. Is it possible to select a different bank of tones with the bluetooth device then use those 4 on the FBV express mk II? This would be similar to using my pod 2.0 and calling up a different bank on the pod then accessing that particular bank with th FBV. So far I like the amp I'm getting good usable tones with it.
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