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  1. Hello. I usually set the drive to 15%-20% and kick the output to 90%-100% The remaining tone adjustments I base on the amp model and the sound I want to produce. :) Hope I was able to help.
  2. After recording, I observed that the crackles weren't there. I connect my HD500x via USB to my laptop. Now I'm wondering about the D/A conversion of my monitor speakers.
  3. I'll hook my unit up later so I can record it. I'll post it as soon as possible. :)
  4. Hi I've tried this and unfortunately it's still there. Thanks anyway! :)
  5. Hi guys. I have a few clean patches on my unit and they have a crackling sound when I hit the B and high E strings. I have my setup below: Guitar->HD500X(via spdif with matching bit rates )->monitor speakers Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hi! I just want to throw a question to everybody. :) While using the amp sims, I tried using my HD500x with external drive pedals (infront and via Send/Return) and it doesn't "feel" the same when using the internal drive pedals. I mean yes the sound I get is different but there is a difference. I am not sure if it is the attack, or the reactiveness. If I try to describe it seems there is a VERY small latency when using external drive effects. I don't feel this latency while playing, but when I do an A-B comparison, it's there. Another description could be is that the internal drive effects are more responsive. Am I making any sense? The external drive pedals I tried were Catalinbread DLS, MI Audio SCB, Wampler Sovereign, EHX Soul food. Anyway I have set aside all my stomp boxes for months already and used my unit by itself, but am considering purchasing a new drive pedal. If I can get some clarity on my situation above then I can decide if I should proceed with the purchase. :)
  7. It's one of the output modes of your unit. You can choose from Studio/Direct, Combo Power Amp, Combo front, Stack Power Amp, Stack Front. :) Knowing these options will open your HD experience. :)
  8. Thanks Palico! I played around with it as you have advised. A bit honky, I think, but that's all I was able to do for now. Maybe I'll tweak it more in the coming days. https://soundcloud.com/vantonilin/slither
  9. Hello, I've tried the settings above but could not produce the sound in the link. :) Mine was pretty clean. :) I tried increasing the drive on the tube driver and only then I got a distorted tone above ~40%. Could you advise if I may have missed something? Much thanks!
  10. Thank you everybody for the insights! I'll stick with the S/PDIF for the meantime and move on to patch optimizations then. :)
  11. Hi Guys, probably another beginner question if you don't mind. :) So far, I have tried the TRS (Amp mode), S/PDIF, and Phones output of my HD500x. They all sound different and I believe I have yet to dial in the best sound from them. Lately, I am inclined to try out the XLR output of my unit. My question now is, is there any significant differences in output between the S/PDIF and the XLR output? I mean, yes, one is analog and the other one is digital, but am I missing out on a significant difference in sound quality? Or am I missing out on a feature of the HD500x if I do not use the XLR output? I plan to send the XLR output to my monitor speakers via RCA input. One more question, if I use the TRS output in line mode, will it be the same sound I would get from the XLR output (minus the XLR and TRS noise cancellation feature)? Thanks in advance guys! Cheers!
  12. Thanks guys! I tried it and it worked :) Not sure about the quality of my cable though. I have to check first if I can get a better cable or if my sound can improve/change with a better cable.
  13. I believe I made a thread with the same issue somewhere else, but I never got a direct answer. What I simply did was change the headphones. :)
  14. Hi! I plan to use monitor speakers for my HD500X. I have it plugged at the moment on an amp, but I'd like to test out how it does with monitor speakers. As I plan to use the S/PDIF output, I am unsure if my monitor speakers with 24bit/192Khz sampling rate can handle the output of the HD500X. I am not an expert at these things. I would appreciate any advice/answer you guys can provide. :)
  15. Hi. A new HD500X user here. Just wanted to ask if you guys have the same experience with your Phones output on your unit. I have plugged different headphones/earphones on the unit and I do not get a consistent output. My headphones/earphones have 3.5mm plugs so I use the same for all. What happens is that when I use my earphones all I hear is some kind of reverb effect only. I have to pull out the phone plug a bit in order for me to hear the full output of my HD500x. Hope you guys can provide some clarification on this. Thanks! :)
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