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  1. welcome to our misery :( if these problems were known in advance, I doubt any of us would have upgraded...
  2. If you just bought it and can't get the battery charge to last more than 2 hours - return it ASAP! At least you have a chance to get your money back - most of us with post-upgrade issues are stuck :(
  3. Just an update on the failure of the transmitter to sync with the base post firmware upgrade issue... As suggested by others, I unplugged my base and set the transmitter on the side for about an hour (because I'm impatient) then tried it again and it still didn't work. Then I forgot about it for 2 days and tried it again - and it worked. I guess some component needed to fully discharge before resetting. Just a fancy case of "have you tried turning it of and back on again?" ;-) Having said that I am also experiencing the shortened battery life after the firmware on 2 of my G10 units. I suspect the 3rd has it too but it takes a while to prove so I'll be testing that one this afternoon. Then it's ticket time because a 2 hour battery life doesn't cut it for a 3 hour gig.
  4. I'm in the same boat - updated the firmware and now the transmitter won't sync with the base. I'll try unplugging it all for 24 hours then trying again. otherwise, I guess I'll open a ticket... :(
  5. I'm stuck as well, Hadn't used it for a while so I was thinking it might be me. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Monkey with no luck. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon...
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