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  1. Thank you for all the input. I will update with my decision in a few days. lol
  2. Thank you, maybe I worded my question incorrectly. I should have asked, has anyone sent their Helix for repair without warranty coverage? What was your repair and estimated cost to fix ? Maybe I should buy one new, I am on the fence here.. :-|
  3. Hi, I am considering purchasing a used Helix. I understand you can only have the warranty transferred if you have the original sales receipt, or you call in, and the previous owner has registered it, and the unit is less than 2 years old. So if I purchase a Helix that appears to be in good condition, but no receipt and I understand I am at risk with no warranty.. How reasonable are the repair cost through the Line 6 repair center on this unit "IF" it breaks? Has anyone here had to send their Helix for repair and have been billed for it ? thank you for all the help.
  4. chuckyab

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I have a question about the preset DIR patches by JS and GD ect.. Will these work through the regular line out into my tube amp? I ask because I read that the pedal needs to be set to line level output to the powercab for using the DIR Patches. If these patches do run through the line out into the tube amp, what happens to the IR signals ect. ? The Stomp has a 1/4" out, and the Powercab has a L6 in , how does this work? thanks!
  5. Wow, have you tried running the classic high gain marshall sound from the Helix, to the clean low volume sound of the marshall? how does the Helix sound through the clean? Thanks! I am considering the SLP 1959 with effects loop with the Helix
  6. Hi, I am considering buying the Helix. I have a Marshall 1959 SLP Reissue with the effects loop and would use the 4 cable method. Just curious if anyone has ever used the Helix with a Plexi Marshall at lower clean volumes and if the sound is to bright/harsh ect. or would it sound awesome. thank you for the input.
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