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  1. Ah yea I was referring to the X-model. True, the Basic 500-model is way older! I guess X-model DOES have different kinds of footswitches and some more DSP but true that there was no major upgrade there.
  2. Yea... it's tricky! 3 years is a long time, though the product is still very good and updated. For me, I own a Variax, so saving the Variax models with the preset is the biggest reason for going with a Line6 product. I'll check the used-market on this, didn't think of this at all! With a 3 years old product there might exist a really good price on some used model.
  3. Thank you very much for the replies, exactly what I was looking for. I'll go with the HD500X :)
  4. I'm aware of this, hence the "rumors and guesses".
  5. Yea that's what's I thought, but Helix is 1000 USD more than HD500X so I was kinda hoping there would be some kind of... lite... version of Helix to replace HD500X in the same price range. Purely hoping and speculating. For example, without touch screen and stuff. But then again, they wouldn't want to shoot their own leg by doing this since no touch screen would make 1000 USD price different believable. Maybe you're right, maybe there's no replacement model for HD500X series in sight, within that price range.
  6. Any news or rumors or guesses about the model following HD500X? It's now over 3 years since the launch. I tried HD500X in the store, I own Variax and the only big issues were the small display (especially patch name is very small font when standing), no FX tails when switching preset and a bit small loop maximum length. I dont own it yet but seemed like a really nice product. Oh and the canvas was somewhat wide, smaller board at the sides would totally be possible and still have the same features and usability. Personally I thought I'll wait a couple of months and if theres no update, ill go with this one. Really looking forward to have the presets tied to my guitar model, such a clever feature!
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