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    Creating Helix patches and recording guitar for video games.
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  1. Hey y'alI! I experimented with dialing in a John Mayer tone preset not too long ago and even put together a video of me playing with the preset with my strat which gets pretty close to John's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" tone. No third party cabinet impulses required. Currently working on v2 of the patch now since a couple of buddies had some excellent advice. It's a free download on Gumroad, just enter $0 at checkout. :) Here is the video Here is the Helix preset! Let me know how you dig it and hope it helps. :)
  2. Ouuuuu. I like the sound of getting more mileage from the stock cabinet impulses! I feel like there are far too many options of third party impulses and sometimes we just need to dig into the factory/included options more.
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