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  1. Thank you!!! Will give it a try
  2. Hi Since John is playing through two rock amp I realy find it hard to start a preset for his tone. I get a realy nice tone from using fender twin Rev and 3 Sigma cab or Jvm 45 with Friedman cab (also 3 sigma). It kind of covering the clean tones, but I am not there yet. (I also use compressor and reverb on the line). Like to hear your take on how you will create his tone
  3. I will try to use the global EQ for headphone use, by lowering the level down. I think this way I can go back from headphones to monitors with just activating the settings. it will require me raise the level up tp my XLR's. this way both heads and monitors have the same volume.
  4. I am facing the same problem like you.... Usually play through my phones. Used to play with akg but now with beyerdynamic 770 250 ohm. Regarding to that i realy pleased with that change... The beyerdynamic are perfect for it. Line 6 recommend to go with 250 ohm and higher keep in mind. When playing through my monitor speakers (krk 8") the sound is great... But the volume settings changes tremendously if to compare to my headphones (headphones are louder), do now I have to alter my presets when switching between phones and monitors.
  5. The problem is that the same volume is controlling my pc output so bother increase same time. This is why I have to Re balance both every time... Pc and helix output (phones / monitor). Pc by using q base mixer or helix amp set
  6. The volume controls at the helix unit, no matter which, the phones or the Standart is controlling the total out put. Now since my helix is connected to the pc as a soundcard the audio from the pc is also controlled by it. Just that if you compare balance headphones to pc or monitor to pc the head phones is higher than pc after I balance pc to monitor.
  7. I am using it like u suggest. Headphones direct to my helix and monitor directly to the helix, USB out to my pc... It's strange to me that there such a great different between the headphones to the monitors if compare to what comes out from q base. I actually need to increase the q base master volume each time when using heads to much the levels. Somtimes it make me crossing the limits, so I have to go back to my preset and lower the volume or master control at the amp box.... Or just using the volume pedal.
  8. I am using q base a lot.... Just recording or even to my daily practice. It's easy to use for me. But every time I switch from headphones to monitors I gave to Re level the volume controls.
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if you guys are troubled like me with that.... The thing us, I play a lot using my headphones... Two kids.... And my only spare time is bed time. I usually play using q base, and helix through usb. The thing is that I find that the output to the heads is realy higher than what is coming through my q base. I keep balancing it using the mixer. But when I switch back to playing with my krk monitors 6", everything changes and the whole mixing is out. The monitor output is lower related to the heads. What am I missing? * I am using beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 250ohm Thx
  10. I am using my helix with headphones and krk monitors. I tried several headphones before, but buying the helix I bought it with a new pair to get it to perfection. I am using beyerdynamic 770 pro 250ohm. The 250 ohm is what you need. This is recommended by line 6 as a minimum. Realy realy recommend on these heads.
  11. Totally understand you.... Since I got this unit I didn't got my self into playing realy, only messing with this limitless dream unit. It takes some time to make your personal tone translated to the helix but ones it's done.... You will be back rocking. I found my self now with 3 main presets that covers most if my needs... Twin reverb with 3 Sigma cab, marshal 45 with Sigma cab and soldano lead with Sigma cab. Can Def recommend to try them. I actually find it now better than my Vox ac 15 tone.... (playing through my Krk monitors) .
  12. Man... Guitar rig can not stand in the same line with the helix.... With using IR or not. I truly recommend investing the 7 dollars on your favorite cab from 3 Sigma, you will be able to understand how big this upgrade is. Regarding how to use it.... It will sound great even in the first setup you choose. From there just try some other setting to understand if you need it.
  13. Well , Didn't tried Red Wire but did tried the 3sigma Audio - Same result. Twin reverb, Soldano, JVM 45 .... Should try now the red wires :)
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