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  1. I own Variax Acoustic, JTV59, and just acquired a Variax Bass from eBay. The Variax Acoustic and JTV59 can connect to Line 6 Monkey via my POD HD500. I have also used the USB interface to connect the JTV59, and if I recall correctly, it is required for Workbench HD. The Variax Bass is not detected by Line 6 Monkey via the POD HD500 or the USB interface that came with the JTV59. Is there an interface to update the Variax Bass (and connect to either version of Workbench), or was the bass discontinued before the online connections were implemented? Don't want to keep chasing my tail if there is no way to connect the bass to my Mac ;-) (btw, sorry if this has already been covered; appears that there have not been any Variax Bass topics since ~2007.) Grady
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