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  1. Hi everybody, I've just bought a DT50 112 (pretty cheap :) ). Everythink works fine with my HD500 connected, but the there is pretty loud humm if I connect the amp with the FOH through the XLR direct out. The ground lift switch does not change anything. HD500 and DT50 are on the same power loop. Could it be that the ground lift switch is broken or does anybody ever got the same humm? Best regards Ralf
  2. Hi, I use the accoustic models with my HD500 as adviced by a line6 endorser. No amp model, if needed some effects and the last part of the chain is the FX Loop. I go out the fx-send directly into the FOH. As there is no fx return, the signal will not pass the normal output and the technician is able to tweak the sound of the accoustic seperate to the normal signals.
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