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  1. Hi. I currently have JBL FLIP 4 bluetooth speaker and want to buy a helix stomp. I wonder if I can connect Guitar --> Helix stomp --> JBL FLIP 4 bluetooth speaker? So I don't need to buy another guitar ampli or FRFR speaker THank you
  2. ive done that, and it didnt worked. Actually i think thats not the real problem, coz it's not a volume pedal problem, but it's an effect problem ( suddenly active itself)
  3. Help me please. My pod HD300 suddenly became very weird. When i turn it on, after a few minutes it always activate "auto volume" effect, and its happened in every preset whether i turn off FX3 or turn on another FX3 channel (like delay), it will suddenly change into autovolume effect. I've done several things, like reset to factory setting, unplug replug the effect. Thank you
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