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  1. Does the Firehawk 1500 offer any type of octave or harmony effects in it's internal library of effects? If not, can they be added using the side chain loop? If added to the side chain can they be placed in any order along with the internal effects? I am using 2 different Variax guitars. I just started using the Firehawk 1500 and the FBV 3 pedal. Since I am using the Variax cable and not a 1/4 inch I can't just include outboard effects easily. I am a working musician and there are a couple times a night I would love to have an octave pedal. Any input would be nice.
  2. I can use the magnetic pickups and everything works fine. As soon as I try to use something like an acoustic model my 5th string disappears. Is there an adjustment or something I can make? Where are the pickups located for the models? Even the 6th string is at lower volume than the first 4 but not as bad as the 5th string. I also have a Variax Standard and a Firehawk 1500 amp. The models work great on the Standard. I would really like to be able to use my high priced JTV 89F Any input would be great.
  3. I am using an android device to modify my tones. When I go to save the modified preset my only choice is to save it to My Tones and not my Firehawk 1500. I do not get the dropdown choice. Is it a user error or am I just missing something?
  4. I love my variax guitar. I own the whole dream rig including the POD HD-500 and the dt25 amp. However with all the hipe over the new "Amplifi" models I sort of feel like I am missing something. As I read through all the literature I keep looking for the variax input and it's just not there. Um, don't you think it would be a good idea to include the LINE6 proprietary input in the latest release its amplifiers? If it had it I would have already bought one of the stupid things. For a company that excels in "bells and whistles" I think they missed the boat on this.
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