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  1. and I'm not double clicking. i have a mac and when it appears in my downloads I just click on it once and it should just open in hd500 edit automatically.
  2. Its weird, all the other downloads that I have downloaded are the .h5 file, but now when I download on the site they .l6t files. Tried going to the filed and right clicking to open with hd500 edit and it still didn't work. I appreciate all the help.
  3. So when I download a new tone from the line 6 website, it goes in my downloads and when I click on it to open it while I have hd500 edit opens, it wants to open the line 6 amp in reason. Any know how to fix? Really weird, never had this problem before. Just started doing it.
  4. So lets say I am on user 1 set list on the first four channels. and if i want to go from a to b or c to d or whatever i have to hit the bank up or down button in order to do so. its really annoying. someone please help!!!
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