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  1. Ok thx very much for the reply! Have seen Audacity in operation before so will D/L it and get to work. If you could give any advice as where to find other spots like forums/FB community for help with Audacity questions. As for POD PRO to computer, the input on laptop has 1/8" MIC input, I suppose that's the only/best way to bring audio signal IN. As for Latency... these units (Line6 and Laptop) are made far beyond the dopey computer years of the 20th century. We're almost 20 years into the future. Should be able to just plug in and it track instantly. Right? I mean, shouldn't there be no probs with latency anymore?
  2. Please if you view, say something to help please! Looking to get this up and running with what I've got, any (PC) advice is appreciated, yes, it's a laptop HP Pavillion Entertainment PC, windows 10 thx!
  3. New to this, but ready for the challenge, have just moved into a new area and need to be able to record with these direct into the HP laptop I have. Thx for any advice y'all!
  4. Bump. Noob, just got one, like the tones I started getting more than the Newer Pod xt hd, mor organic? OK, gonna try to hook it all up this week and see about patches n d/l'ing. I have a Midi Uno connector, will that work? Sorry, noob questions are gonna be flailing around cuz Im a computer-spaz.
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