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  1. thanks for the info!. i just wanted to make sure before i shelled out $2000 for a mac
  2. hey guys, im getting ready to get a new computer. Currently im leaning toward a new macbook pro. Im wondering though about the usb 3.0 jacks that it has. Will my 500x connect with no trouble or do i need an interface or just look at a diffrent computer?
  3. hey guys, ive been using the rp1000 for years and i have gotten used to a few settings on it, but now i have a hd500x. Is there a way i can cycle the wah on my hd500x so i cycles on/off with the pedel itself, or is it only able to go on/off with the toe down? Ive tried going through the setting and have had no luck. Thanks in advance!
  4. ill give that a try, ive thought about mixing and matching some of the cabs. im just not sure how to go about it. do i need to add an fx loop to the chain on my hd500x or just make the change to the preset on the mustang
  5. yea i thought i was goin to pull my hair out...what i ended up doing is setting up the 00 patch on the mustang to the studio/direct and turning everything down except the volume...i left it at 10 and going in the utilities menu on the amp and changing the fx loop from normal to looper and ran the left and rightouts from the hd to the returns on the amp and it sounds pretty good ill just have to tweak my patches alittle. i was on the verge of taking it back to GC but i called fender and the guy told me to hook it that way if i wanted to use the models in the hd, so there an option if u wanna try that
  6. ok ive tried the full 4cm and just the hd500x outs to the amps returns and the same issue is there and its on every patch...everything seems like it has alot of lows and i mean alot and ive noticedif i turn the dial on the amp to select diffrent amp presets i can hear a diffrence in my tone and its with every one of my guitars and thats with the 4cm and fx loop off or on and it does the same when running the outs strait to the fx returns...any ideas on what could be causing that....the hd settings areinput 1 guitar...input 2 variax...output combo pwr amp and 1/4 out is set to amp
  7. i liked the 4cm with the replitone cause it had a few settings that i still liked using so i had it in the effects loop....if i figure the mustang doesnt have anyghing i think ill use ill just go into the fx return and be done with it...and thanks for the help radatats!!
  8. lol...sorry my question was clearer...im not usingbthe replitone anymore im wanting to run my hd500x to my new mustang but im guessing ill be needing 5 or 6 cables instead of 4 because of the seperated fx jacks(left and right for each send and return)....i had a trs cable when i was using the hd thru the replitone
  9. hey guys i just got a fender mustang IV v2 150w 2x12 as an early fathers day gift so i can complain alot ...but i was running the 4cm with my old amp(rocktron replitone 212) but i really cant figure this one out to get it hooked up since the amp has 2send and 2return and the rocktron only had 1 send and return so would that make this a 6cm?? should i use both sends and returns or just one of each??? any help or ideas would be great
  10. thanks guys i was kinda leaning toward the marshall but since getting the hd500x which is my first line 6 product and im blown away by it i was gonna give their amps a look but it seems the marshall may be better suited for what i want it to do
  11. hey guys, imin the market for a new amp and ive been looking at the spiderIV 150 2x12 and the marshall mg102cfx. i currently have an HD500x and a rocktron replitone 212 and im running the 4cm now, but i see theres no fx loop on the spider is there a way to still use just the power section of the spider like i can with my rocktron or will i have to plug strait to the front....i know the marshall has the external fx loop jacks but everything ive read the spider doesnt...im wanting to keep the tone im getting from the HD500x....any opinions would be great
  12. basically yes and no i guess, but i have it on a clean channel with no dist. at all and i believe my od gain is about half way...i use the od as my distortion pedal not really as a boost...the over all sound i was going for wasnt clean but wasnt very dirty just enough to tell the diffrence and give my country solos more bite...if i was home i could give u better input on wat my settings are...and as for using the exp. pedal for gain i guess that depends on the user but i really couldnt get it to work for me
  13. for a low driving crunch sometimes i back the gain down...lol...j/k bro!!!!....seriously though..i do like to try some of the diffrent overdrives with just a clean, i mainly do that to get alittle more of a country type overdrive
  14. i ru my hd500x in the effects loop on my rocktronreplitone 212...i bought the ampfor pretty cheap as it didnt really have the tone i was looking for but just using the pwer amp section and the hd as the preamp u can get just about anything u want out of it
  15. that did it man it was aloy easier in edit then it was strait on the unit itself....thanks for the help
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