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  1. Thanks guys, I'll check these out and get back.
  2. Update: I was able to make them both work if I assign them to FS7 & FS8 since I have those open. However I could have swore that I originally did not have to put them on FS, before my HD500 decided to loose my patches one day, and I had forgotten to do a bundle save.
  3. radatats, yes it was a typo. I switched the EXP1 and 2, still have the same problem but on different switches. Here's what I have: On the FX tab, Wah is OFF, Position is EXP-1 (the dial is all the way to the right) Mix is 100%, FX type is Wah, FX model is Vetta Wah..... FX tab Volume Pedal is ON, Volume is (EXP 2), Dial is all the way to the right, FX type is VolPan, FX Model is Volume Pedal.............. On the controllers tab Model is Volume pedal, FS assign is EXP toe switch, Parameter is Volume, Controller is EXP-2, Min is 0% and Max is 100%........ On the Controllers tab...Model is Vetta Wah, FS Assign is EXP toe switch, Parameter is position, Controller is EXP-1, Min is 0% and Max is 100% Thanks for any additional help!
  4. If you are talking about the calibration thing, with 0 to 255. Then yes, that part is setup.
  5. I am having problem adding a volume pedal and a wah pedal to my patch. In the HD500 edit software, on the controllers page I have the Volume Pedal set to EXP Toe switch....EXP-1....0%min and 10%max. I have the Vetta Wah set to EXP Toe switch.....EXP 2.....0%min and 100%max. However they do not work correctly. When I use the board, on EXP-2 I go no wah effect and on EXP-1 my tone completely changes to a right high chimey tome. I thought I had everything set correctly on the software but no matter what I do I can not get the Wah to work or the pedal to work and no change the tone..........What am I missing??
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