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  1. Does anybody knows is there any compatibility between those platforms? Will presets from POD Farm Platinum work on mobile POD?
  2. Works :-) Thanks guys for clarifying all my doubts!
  3. So... what should I do? Buy it? Don't buy it? ;-)
  4. Just thinking... There's two versions of Platinum Full: 1. POD FARM 2.5 Platinum iLok (required hardware: iLok) 2. POD FARM 2.5 Platinum (required hardware - among others - POD Studio UX2) There are also two versions of Upgrade to Platinum with same requirements. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like iLok version requires iLok and does not require guitar interface and other version requires Line6 interface that acts as iLok.
  5. In other words - I have to buy this one: http://line6.com/store/item/191/ not this one: http://line6.com/store/item/165/ Correct? :-)
  6. Don't want to start completely new topic, so I'll ask here. I have an Toneport UX2 interface bundled with POD Farm 2.5. I thought about upgrading it to Platinum version. Just to clarify before I'll spent my money - all I have to do is to buy Standard 2.5 to Platinum 2.5 Upgrade for 199$, install and authorize with my Toneport, right? No iLok required?
  7. Any clue how to do it? If I choose ASIO as audio device and ASIO UX2 driver, I have only Output 1 and Output 2 in output range. And if I look into the ASIO Configuration, in the Inputs & Recording tab I have Instrument unprocessed setting for 1-2 and 3-4. Of course I can record processed signal, but it's audible in headphones only while recording. Pior to UX2 I've used M-Audio Fast Track 2 and there was no problem using computer speakers as monitors with processed signal feeded via USB during recording. I would rather avoid connecting analog outputs of the UX2 to the AUX IN of my computer, because I use them with my poweramp (UX2 connected to one channel and JMP-1 to the other for jamming with my friend) and don't want to trouble myself with switching things every time I do something different... if it's possible ;-)
  8. Hi, Could someone please help with the following: 1. is it possible to have a sound from Pod Farm VST in Reaper in computer speakers? Right now I have a clean guitar signal from speakers, to be able to hear actual tone I have to use headphones. 2. How to configure Guitar Rig and Amplitube to work with UX2 (playing through computer speakers)? Tried many different settings and everything I got is signal coming to application (peak indicators are live as I hit the strings), but no sound from speakers. Many thanks for any help :-)
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