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  1. Ok, so I want a stereo spider amp setup i.e. guitar > M9 and split the stereo output to each amp. I'm not Jake the Peg so don't have an extra leg to control two wah pedals at the same time which is why controlling the two amps with one FBV Express would be awesome and free up a wah patch on the M9. Surely there's a way
  2. Good question. I'm not finding a seamless transition yet. Only had the pedal for 2 days
  3. Although I tried to avoid it Windows updated to 10. Workbench HD doesn't accomodate my original VARIAX 700 although the Monkey upgraded me to HD despite me not owning a JT. I found a copy of the last edition of Workbench regular and put it on my 64bit system. I fired up Monkey to reinstall the Variax firmware as I wanted to reset the guitar. Sure enough it timed out during the firmware transfer and left me hanging. I'm connecting the Variax through my HD500. So when I went back to my old PC the darn thing isn't recognised any more. I had to dig out my original Workbench interface hardware and power up the guitar from it's original connection box and thankfully am back in business from what I thought was also a bricked 700. Hope this helps some despairing twanger. :D
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