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  1. Hi yes I tried disabling the amp models and using them. Couldn't get it to sound right. I was probably my short patience rather than Line 6 failings but much happier with pedals again. Only problem is GAS, keep buying pedals...
  2. Yes. I gave up sold it and went back to pedals. LOL I've finally come to the conclusion that buying something that is okay at lots of things is not as good as buying something that is great at one thing. Sticking with pedals from now on. Much happier even if I do have less ££ in my pocket and not as many effects. Cheers :)
  3. Thanks. Problem for me when usb connected it causes a ground loop and the amp fizzes. I think I'm on to a loser here. :(
  4. I get that bit. I think it's also because my mix is set to 100%?? It would have been helpful to have the xlr out in amp mode so I could record without mic'ing my cab. Oh well back to the drawing board for me.....
  5. The whole set up confuses the sh!t out of me. I used a G System the other day which I've been told is complicated. I actually found the G System easier to understand and set up for 4cm than the firehawk. What should the mix be set at to use amps pre amp?
  6. I've found that the xlr out doesn't produce sound when fx loop is activated. I would have liked to have firehawk connected to my audio interface and played through my amp too. Is there a way round this?
  7. When using 4 cable method with no amp sim i find that it sounds like the amp is being driven slightly. If I disconnect the firehawk and plug straight into the amp it's crystal cleans again. What am I doing wrong?? I'm using H&K Tubemeister 18
  8. Jacksc5

    Stomp or line??

    Excellent. Works a treat now. Moved mix up to 95% - 100% and amps overdrive shines through. Thanks people
  9. Jacksc5

    Stomp or line??

    Excuse my ignorance but is the mix in the app that control the wet/dry? I don't believe I have a switch on my amp. Using Ibanez TSA15H
  10. Jacksc5

    Stomp or line??

    To use four cable method should it be set to stomp or line at the back? I can't really get any overdrive from the amp in for cable method? Currently on line setting. I will try stomp tonight but if anyone knows the correct setup that would be handy. Thanks
  11. Anyone else get a lot of freezing of amp and multifx?
  12. Mine arrived this afternoon. Nice surprise as I didn't get a dispatch email. Now need to find some time to give it a good go...
  13. I should have mine tomorrow too just want to see confirmation email from pmt before I can rest easy. Like you say I hope it's good as I've been waiting since 31 March!!
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