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  1. I had similar success with a Warmoth neck. But be prepared if you buy a neck pre-drilled and expect to only drill one. I purchased a used JTV69, and the neck as drilled was severely misaligned to the point where there was a 1/16 gap between the top of the neck and the pocket. This was evidently why I got a really good deal on it. So much for QA... Couple of notes: Not trying to be disagreeable, but I didn't think the bottom left hole that would normally used was all that close to the new one. I filled mine, but that's just because I'm anal retentive about such things. I did get a Warmoth Gallery neck, given the price was right for a conversion scale neck. In retrospect though, I kind of wish I'd waited and gotten an exotic like my other ones built to spec. I like raw non-finished necks. If you decide to finish it yourself, Tru-Oil and Behlen's Master Gel both work really, really well if you're looking for a non-spray, wipe on option. And Warmoth is fine with both of those as finishes. If you're not a real wood shop guy who makes dowels, filling with JB Weld Kwik Wood or Wood Weld give pretty much the same result. The consistency is as dense as the wood, Although the Wood Weld is a bit harder, and I liked that better for this. Easy to get it perfectly flush the first time. And you can drill in an hour. Invest in a couple of small hand clamps to hold the neck on while you're punching the holes. When you punch the spots for the new holes, make sure to use a drill bit, screw or nail that fits snugly within the body holes to get them dead center. If you know somebody with a drill press, borrow it or ask them to do it instead of hand drilling. The latter will work but it's a little more nerve racking IMO. I've done it both ways and actually got a WEN budget press and clamp for doing this job. It worked like a charm and was MUCH less stressful. Stainless steel frets rock. Definitely worth the extra money. I'd post a pic of the finished version but the site does not appear to want to let me do that. It did turn out well, and I changed out the magnetic pickups as well. But I'd have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the fit and finish of what's supposed to be a more boutique product. Even if I did get it cheap enough that it justified the investment.
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