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  1. it makes me re-enter my username and password on my iPhone if I don't use it for a couple of days too. Drives me nuts, its the last thing I need while getting all my gear setup
  2. The blurb on Sweetwater for the new Amplifi TT mentions using the USB for recording. Its basically the same hardware without the speakers but with optical out so maybe its coming in a software update
  3. I'm actually encouraged by the fact that Yamaha is and always has been primarily a musical instrument company, their logo is a pair of tuning forks!. They make great Pianos and synths and the SPX90 reverb was the most versatile bit of gear in my guitar rack back in the '80s. Its not like they are a mega-corp that makes everything and doesn't know or care about music or a venture capital company just looking for a profit. This could work out well depending on what Yamaha's game plan is.
  4. Its just an HD500 in rack-mount form isn't it?
  5. Its also the reason PT11 includes a PT10 license, so you can still use legacy projects that need RTAS plugins
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