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  1. that ain't a good news, this one. :unsure:
  2. OK, so I borrowed a USB/Midi device from my brother in law, and plugged it to my tablet through a USB OTG device. With Midi monitor on my tablet, I can see that a signal is well sent from the Helix to the tablet. My question is now to know how can I discover the good midi signal I have to send to turn a page in Adobe Reader...
  3. Wahou ! I didn't expect so much quick answers and interest ! So, this seems possible to achieve. That's a good point. I think I'll need a USB/Midi converter in order to connect the Helix with my tablet. My presets do not use all of the stomps, so I assume that it won't be a problem to "lose" one or two of them. Let's continue ! :)
  4. Hello guys ! I'm wondering if there is a way to use the Helix as a midi controller for an Android/iPad tablet in order to turn pages on PDF files. The aim is to turn the pages of my lyrics files stored on the tablet. This would be great, and would let me avoid the buying of a specific pedal for this.
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