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  1. I just spent 3 hours reading this entire thread - initially because of a different issue! I have two JTVs... a 69s and an 89f. I was searching for an issue I'm having with the 89f where the individual string volumes seem to change on every restring. I've only had my 89f for a couple of weeks but because I gig in the Middle East where it's really hot and humid and because I sweat a LOT, I've already changed the strings three times. Initially my G was WAY louder than the rest of the stings (I reduced it by 5dB globally in Workbench) but on subsequent restrings I found that suddenly the D was louder and the G was quieter. Weird. Anyone else have any issues like this? Having said that, I don't have the plink issue on the low E on my 89f. I do however have this issue on my 69s. It was hard for me to notice initially though and seems to have become more prevalent. The 69s is now a year and a half old. It's even more complicated because when I bought the 69s I was playing a gig where the supplied PA system and monitoring were horrendous and it was hard to hear any nuances as I played. From that gig I went to an outdoor gig where the sound was great, but the conditions were awful - heat, humidity, etc. I've had to dry condensation out of the piezos with a hair dryer live on stage more times than I'd care to remember. Also, at some point during the year that followed I also managed to damage the jack on the guitar by being careless... I used a straight jack and a guitar stand that put the weight of the guitar on the jack as it stood on the stand. As a result I've been blaming the low E plink on wear and tear on the guitar and piezos... now I'm wondering if it was there all along. I generally only tend to play my guitar outside of gigs when I've just restrung it, and someone way back in this two year old thread did suggest that the problem is slightly allayed by new strings, so that would explain why I've not really noticed it. Now that my run at the outdoor gig is over and I'm playing in a nice air-conditioned room with decent onstage sound, the plink on the 69s is IMMEDIATELY apparent. I've read every post and listened to every sound sample on this forum thread, and it's an identical problem. So yeah. Just adding my voice to the group. I'm also a long time Line 6 user - I think I got my Pod 2.0 in 2000 or 2001 - and this has been my first negative experience.
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