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  1. Hi Bill and thanks for your warm welcome and indeed for your swift reply. I have bit the bullit and so far have got the main case off ( thanks ) ... but not yet the front facia panel which looks quite complex.. ( I am no engineer !! ) I will wait for daylight and then try to get further ... I can now see the rogue pot , and replacement should not be too hard once the front is off ... thanks again ... I will let you know how I get on !! Derek
  2. Hi guys I am new to the community so I hope I have posted correctly. I need to replace the main volume pot on my UX8 . I have got the part from LINE 6 but am not sure how the unit comes apart !! Has anybody got any advice for me as I can find no service manuals or circuit diagrams etc.anywhere. :( I have tried a switch cleaner spray but its' effectiveness does not last long !! Thanks in anticipation !! Derek
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