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  1. silverhead: Please give us the direct link to Helix editor/libarian. (Can't find it anywhere...) Claus.
  2. There seems to be a problem with Line 6 Helix homepage, this one: http://line6.com/software/ Here we go to get the updater for the Helix, which is the leftmost one. The Helix updater process is then discussed, It would be obvious to conclude this with a DIRECT LINK to the updater. No so. There is a link to another site. This one: http://line6.com/support/topic/16908-helix-fw-1041-and-helix-app-102-now-available/?hl=helix+firmwar More discussion on this page. 10 lines below: A link, this one: http://line6.com/software (could that be the link to the updater?) Not. This link takes you right back to where you came from! And stll no link to the updater. :mellow: At this point I think I recon I have missed something. Same procedure reveal that nothing was missed. The link just wasn't there. Now trying different things, amongst flickering with the 3 black stripes at the top of the window, results in this page: http://line6.com/software/index.html Now, here you once again can read most of what you already had red before, but now with download links. :D Thank you! For some time I thought that the link just wasn't there since all this page crawling for no obvious reson. I just wanted to update my Helix. That's all - so why not just put up with the link?? But I found it. :) That the update process later resulted in a completley frozen Helix is another story...which I do hope will get a happy ending. Claus, from Karma Music, Copenhagen.
  3. Got Helix today. So, to get at fresh start I decided to update the firmware to the latest one, having in mind that Line 6 should have added reverse delay, which I aim to use. The update failed, and kept failing. The Helic update window kept asking "Try again" - and nothing else. Since i did'nt work, I disconnected the Helix. But now it was stuck with update-failure business, Restarting holding 7-8 down or anything else, had no effect. It is dead, and I must live with that. But I can't, so first monday after christmas, I'm returning it. So many things went wrong, starting with a very bad Line 6 support page with wrong links to software and not-very-helpfull messages. So, I kind-of lost enthusaism and I think I'll switch to HD 500X which I know will do the job. Sad, because I could absolutley use a more sophisticated devise. And that might be a version XX bug-free Helix in af year or 2. Claus.
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