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  1. Hello all, My equipment and software: Toneport UX1 Gearbox 3.72.0 Ableton Live Lite 8 Line 6 Edition I have not been too successful with finding a metal tone that is not "buzzy". Allow me to elaborate on the tone that I'm looking for... Organic - not a thrash metal tone that rips your head off. AKA nothing buzzy, hissy, trebly. Rather, someting like this: Evergreen - Dark New Day Woofy and/or chunky. I'm referring to Skeksis by Strapping Young Lad Question - how do these guys remove the treble from their sound and still retain all the character? Anytime I crank the volume up on my own guitar and practically gives me a sinus headache. So, a tone between the guitar tones in these two songs. Chunky and organic. I have attached a really lousy tone for yins to fiddle around with. If it isn't possible to do this with Line 6 equipment (rather Gearbox), please let me know. I'll update my software, but please still post screenshots of your settings if you have any. Thank you EDIT: I think that the Treadplate simulator model would be the best choice because it emulates the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers. Metal%003f.l6t
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