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  1. FYI JTV-59 Pickup Switching Issues by Line6Hugo on 2011-01-21 14:57:59 We have identified the root cause as the 3 way switch itself. We are taking the necessary steps to repair this issue and we should have replacement parts in by the 1st week of February. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, please respond to this thread so we can create a support ticket for you. We will leave the ticket open and once we have the necessary parts to repair the issue, we will reach out to you via your open support ticket. As it is currently Friday afternoon, if you do not receive a support ticket today, we will continue issuing support tickets for this issue on Monday after the weekend. Regards, Line6Hugo
  2. I returned my with the same issue JTV59. Store warranty. A direct return to Line6 is your best choice.
  3. Congratulations..it is a fun instrument to play. Experiment with changing the alt. tuning and let us know how that goes. I'm hoping it works perfectly!
  4. Cal, Do you know if the tuning was altered before you purchase the guitar? On the alt tuning wheel you'll see the background light turn from white to blue. What software version is the Variax? In my opinion: If there was a previous user and they updated it you should do a factory reset on the guitar. This should clear the tuning. This doesn't solve the problem, but its a good starting point.
  5. I decided to return the JTV69 to GC and they ordered another guitar from their distribution. This will be my third try after a JTV59 issue with the pickup switch not functioning properly. I brought in the guitar to GC with saved alt tuned settings and the sales manager played the guitar and agreed that it had the "ghost notes". Hopefully this next unit will arrive without ghosts.
  6. I have the JTV-69 which I purchased this past week. I found the same issue with the alt tuning. I have connected the guitar using a 1/4" Neutrik cable and also the RJ45 cable from Line 6 to the USB interface and all appropriate updates. The guitar is first connected to a tuner the output is to an Acoustic amp when using the Acoustic models. The alt tuning switch is on custom and the Pickup selector switch is on the 3rd switch. This is a 1995 Gibson J-200 and I have it tuned to E and the sound is muddled. The g string is trying to sound the g and the g# at the same time through the amp. The tuner indicator is dropping towards the g note. When testing the note on each string in E you can hear the difference in the 5b,4e,3g# strings and when playing on the 15 and 17th fret it is quite noticeable. I also have an PODHD500 and have tried every different connecting configuration that has been suggested and its the same result. As a side note I changed the strings to super bullets #10. The tuners were loose and had movement and needed a 1/4 turn so they were not moving.
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